Q Are cyclodextrins safe?
A All cyclodextrins are evaluated by JECFA (Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives). Alpha cyclodextrins are very safe food additives

Q What is the regulatory approval status of alpha cyclodextrins?
A The regulatory approval status is different for every country. Alpha cyclodextrins are approved in the EU, US, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Q Is manuka honey combined with cyclodextrin still a natural product?
A Yes, it is still a natural product. Both manuka honey and cyclodextrin are natural products. Both chemical structures are unchanged by chemical reactions even after combining them.

Q How does the cyclodextrin release its active molecule?
A The water molecule is its driving force. Cyclodextrins are soluble in water. By adding water to a cyclodextrin complex, the active molecule is easily released from the cyclodextrin.

Q What is the primary benefit of combining manuka honey and cyclodextrin?
A The enhancement of antibacterial activity of the methylglyoxal in manuka honey can be observed. In other words, the bioavailability is enhanced