Why choose Manuka Health MGO manuka honey? by Nutritionist Marianna Sulic

Manuka honey is unique to other honeys as it contains high quantities of methylglyoxal (MGO), this is the compound that gives Manuka honey it's special properties.

The MGO content ranges from MGO 30+ to MGO 550+, the higher the MGO the higher the MGO content, by choosing MGO honey you can guarantee the methylglyoxal level, for example a 30+ honey will contain 30mg of methylglyoxal per kg.

I recommend taking 100+ as a preventative to maintain general well-being and a minimum of 250+ to fight colds and flu. The best way to take Manuka honey is simply off the spoon, a 1tsp daily. Additionally, you can add a 1tsp of honey to a cup of warm tea.

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